Monday, December 17, 2007


So we are consuming SO much energy creating these fuels based on crops (call it corn, soy, etc.). I'm not convinced this is good. Why?

Think about this....
For the ONE time you fill your tank with Biodiesel...
You could have fed yourself the equivalent quantity of food for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Think about this...
Our government subsidizes oil - probably near a buck a gallon (think of the price difference between here and Canada), BUT the feds place a tariff (tax) on "greener" biofuels coming from brazil sugar cane at 50 cents a gallon, rendering it ineffective.

What's more....
SO many farmers are turning their crops to biofuels creating shortages in food supplies and driving up food pricing.

this economic pressure is forcing other lands to cut down existing established crops to plan cheap, gmo, fast growing crops for biofuel.

The sun is our answer. Follow the sun.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lead or Get Out of the Way!

Have you watched what is happening in Bali? Of course not...because our media doesn't care. Well, read the BBC's pages and you'll see that there is a global environmental UN conference happening...maybe more meaningful than Kyoto because the USA isn't going to get away without doing something. US reps were using some lame excuse about the developing country regs not being tough enough (sure they aren't) and suggested they were not going to sign. Suddenly boos rang out from the delegation when the rep from New Guinea said..."you either lead or get out of the way!" Amen!

I'm not sure if most of you know...BUT, Atlanta Georgia is running out of water. In fact, its now predicted that over 5 millions residents of this southeast region will be OUT OF WATER by FEBRUARY. No kids, I didn't say in 10 years or even 10 months....because most of us put those things out of our mind....I said 60 DAYS! So, how do you fix it? Some have suggested trucking in water. Hmmm. That would be economical? Talk about a carbon foot print that would exacerbate the new weather paradigm we currently feel. Do you recall the exodus from New Orleans? Can you imagine a bigger one? Can you say U-HAUL?

So how did this happen? Well....
Those Southeasterners love those big green lawns; they love their six toilet homes; they love their pools (and they aren't alone). Largely they have built sprawling development without any consideration for resources AND there is no consciousness in the population to do anything different. Further, the local political structure has known of the issues and stuck their head in the sand because they would appear "unpopular." Lead, or get out of the way!

Now what?
Well, just like in California and in Arizona this is going to be a fight for water rights to the rivers flowing south (think Mono Lake and Colorado River). Let's see...what is south of Georgia....hmmmm. FLORIDA!!!! Yes, let's steal the water from Florida, they aren't growing, they don't have water issues (in fact Georgia is now trying to secure more than its 16% share of this water).

My friends...
Water is now worth its weight in gold. So here is my real estate investment strategies for gaining extraordinary value in light of shrinking natural resources.

1. Live in an area with plentiful fresh running water (as close to the source) sorry Arizona.
2. If living in multi-level housing (hi-rise) - long term the ground floors are going to be worth more a) because water pressure can't push to upper levels AND b) the costs to run elevators via electricity will be too expensive thus stairs will become the predominate use (ok - extreme, but think about it);
3. Live in an area that still produces agriculture; access to local food is going to be critical as trucking costs increase and "clean" foods become more difficult to harvest. Have space for your own garden;
4. Make sure you have a bike and know how to ride it well, you'll be using it (and should be using it) more often.

Conclusion: Pacific Northwest is a pretty darn good place to be in light of the issues. We have hydro power, we much water (heck it falls from the sky) and there is good agriculture still produced around us.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Intuition. Do you know what it is, how you (or someone else) use it? Webster's first definition is... "direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension."

I was recently told by an "intuitive," which Webster's has no definition for the nouns sense of this word (intuitive), BUT others define intuitive as someone who specializes in perceiving information concerning the individual energetically....any how this intuitive told me I have an deep feeling intuition that is very evolved. You know what? I totally can feel it!

Did you know that during the Tsunami in 2004 that not a single animal died yet over 45,000 people perished? Animal parks where trees were uprooted drowned by nearly 20 feet of water, animals were later found roaming as if they "knew" or shall I say perceived a reason to go to higher ground. A sixth sense?

During the Oklahoma bombing a mother who lost two children and her mother said that she had a "feeling" over and over again that she should get out of the building, leave, gather her children and head home. She ignored this "feeling."

My friends, pay attention to your feelings or intuition. They are there and they are a message. What is making me write this now??? Well, I "feel" a need to awaken all others to the notion that intuition is the loving voice of God operating in your heart. Listen to it! we evolve and mature spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc...we become self-regulating rather than are we controlled by those forces outside of us (others, work, stress, etc.).

Listen to your inner loving voice!
Mine says I feel strong and fast and light as a feather on my bike! says a few other things too.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another Test

Some of you know...that every 3 months I see my doc. I get a test that would cause most to wince and run (no sprint) the other way. BUT after nearly 4 years (and yes, that would be TWELVE tests), I'm SO STRONG, HEALTHY. I've been using my new intuitive powers (okay call it software) to focus all healing/health/wellness. Basically I sit there visualizing then FEELING healthy, happy, dancing DNA. It works.

To that end, I'm working on a new resort/experience where people can heal their emotional soul through a series of modalities. I think its a little head of its time....but it will be a killer app.

If what I just wrote makes absolutely no sense....bookmark my text then read it in a couple of years.

Monday, December 03, 2007

SF Auto Show

I spent the weekend in SF. It was a cool upper 50's but no where near the snowy early winter weather Seattle had this weekend.

Well, while in SF I attended my first auto show ever. What was fascinating was the way the auto companies are marketing cars and the types of people that were drawn to particular cars. Clearly the auto shows had to promote less cleavage and more brains as the runway model women representing the cars were now covered head to toe in pinstripe suits, cuff links, etc; just tight enough to get the male consumer's interest, but tasteful enough to make a gesture to the female who actually makes 85% (or something close to it) of the financial decisions for the household. Thank GOD.

What's hot this year?
Hmmmm. Nothing.
Every car company was hyping fuel efficiency but had NO product to show for it. In fact VW left its TDI (diesel model) at home. Mercedes had a diesel that held the design left to inspire grandma (including the ruffled leather upholstery). American auto makers? Big, still big, dumb cars. Mini Cooper????....well they are going backwards as they now make a stupid looking extended cab that can work as a great car for a funeral parlor serving diminutive expirees.

Oh well....
The international bike show rocked.
You get the picture.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


What I'm thankful for everyday:
1. the abilities of my body;
2. my consciousness;
3. my dearest friends;
4. my abilities to make new friends;
5. my confidence;
6. my ability to confront fear;
7. my willingness to accept whatever happens as divine;

What I'm thankful for today (on thanksgiving);
1. being in Tucson with friends;
2. a deep winter tan;
3. the availability of mt lemmon and my bicycle;
4. the 2 hour thanksgiving yoga class at 10am;
5. the availability of good, wholesome food;
6. the availability of laughter and cheer;
7. technology to express gratitude to others that are not in AZ with me (email/phone);

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vitamin D

Some interesting facts I've recently discovered:
1. Heart disease is no longer the #1 killer of Americans; Cancer is winning as of this year;
2. The NIH says that 85% of all Cancers have emotional causes;
3. Insufficient Vitamin D is linked to 18 different types of Cancers;
4. UVB ray exposure (just 15 minutes a day in the Sun) provides your daily need of Vitamin D;
5. A person living in Boston or Seattle goes outside for the entire daylight hours in winter (November through February) does not get a single ray of UVB (no Vitamin D);
6. A 2.5 hour plane ride to Tucson to ride my bike in the sun makes me happy (positive emotions) and lots, tons of Sun (mega UVB)!!!

Did I mention I'm in Tucson getting lots, lots of Vitamin D? The last FOUR (4) days have been in the low 80's and not a single cloud in the sky. Yessssssssssssss! Oh...and I love my bike again.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm not someone who is overly political, sadly I focused more on financial markets and maybe have been a little apathetic (except for a few issues) the past couple of years. On my way to the airport today I was listening to NPR in the cab. There was a quote from our dear Mr. President....and it was something like this..."My friends....Americans are addicted to oil."

Really??????? Holy Cow!!!!! How did this happen? I demand to know!

The picture is real, and so are we. He also said in 2001 (and I quote), " In terms of the CO2 issue... we will not do anything that harms our economy. Because, first things first, are the people who live in America."

What first for me? Realizing that CO2 and our economy ARE connected and I'm not going to be so selfish as to say that my consumption comes first at the expense of the world. MY ELEMENT 6 MANIFESTO:

  1. Eat locally; no Chilean peaches in December. I will plant my yard with foods I eat.
  2. Reduce; i will never take a shopping bag from the store unless I bring one.
  3. Lower my food chain; select foods that are less intensive to bring to me and my market (no meats).
  4. Keep thermostat at 55 and wear a sweater (until my teeth chatter).
  5. Bike everywhere and anywhere (use scooter more often);

Thursday, November 01, 2007

30 days off the bike

Wow, its been a long time since I blogged. Maybe because I'm taking 30 days off my bike that I've not had things joggin' my mind, burning to be blogged. 30 days off the bike?!!?!! Yeah, I had a long racing season, an agro bike trip in Italia and plans for a strong and successful 2008 race season. So, I've been doing a ton of Yoga (sometime 2x per day), running (did a 10 mile trail run last sunday and thinking about the Seattle half marathon) and keeping busy (lots of work this past month). So...for 30 days, I'm off the bike. My 30 days ends in Tucson, AZ on November 16th, when my butt will once again feel my saddle up Mt Lemmon. Can't wait.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ultra Longevity

I discovered that Dr. Mark Liponis was discussing his new book at Town Hall last night (all the way from Lenox, MA). I gathered a few friends to view the Corporate Medical Director of Canyon Ranch (and dear friend of mine) where he talked about what accelerates aging, disease and the loss of health (he is really quite brilliant). WOW. His new book focuses on organizing (not boosting) the immune system to be in harmony with ourselves. Basically the immune system (white blood cells) contain quite an arsenal to attack disease, germs, stress, etc. This arsenal, if unleashed on our bodies (rather than infections, etc) when we don't engage in socialization/love (stress), poor breathing (stress), over eating (stress), not enough sleep (stress)...this system attacks us (leading to cancer, diabetes, etc.). This book is so ahead of its time....I highly recommend his new book as his last book (Ultra Prevention) was one of the most simplistic, yet comprehensive books on wellness and health I have EVER read (and I've read many). Buy it here!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Invoke a Prayer

Carolyn Myss is a medical intuitive and an expert on energy medicine and she is brilliant. Dr. Sahni at Canyon Ranch sent me her 9 CD series on Energy Anatomy by Myss. I listened to the entire work on my plane ride home from Italy and it really caused me to change my thinking in life. One intentional prayer that Carolyn posted on her website (to say each morning) was the following...and I provide it here as a prayer for two very special friends (one here in Seattle and another in Toronto) that have close family members dealing with cancer:

I am committed to feeling a bond with each person I meet, to respecting my own integrity and honor, to living within the energy of love and compassion and returning to that energy when I don't feel it, to making wise and blessed choices with my will, to maintaining perceptions of wisdom and non-judgment, to release the need to know why things happen as they do, and not to project expectations over how I want this day to be and how I want others to be. And finally, my last prayer, 'to trust the Divine'. And with that I bless my day with gratitude and love.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Jet Laggard

So I came home last night, after just a half glass of wine, long day and and having managed to function on just 3-4 hours of sleep for the last 3 nights.

I was so tired, I opted to just rest my limbs on my bed for a second before I motivated to get into my jammies and brush my teeth. Well, I woke at 8am by the vibration of my cell phone that was under my bum, still fully clothed and with a black cat on my chest. I think someone could have done odd things to me last night and I would have never known.

Well...I hope I'm finally in this time zone.

Monday, October 01, 2007

YouTube Preview

Here is a preview of the video for this years trip; I had to do something with my insomnia!

Congrats Bettini

So I have returned from Italia just last night. Yup, I was up at 1am and still going strong here now that its 7am. I suspect in about 5 hours I'll be down for the count. So...I was getting txt message updates on the world cycling championships in Stuttgart from Mr. Guy Tucker, who was (reportedly) sitting on a plane (First Class mind you) in Frankfurt while I had 12" of leg room on my Air France Flight from Paris to Seattle. So...I found the picture of the world champ on his victory yesterday in Germany...and this picture of Guy. I ask only one question....
Have you ever seen them together? I mean Guy says he's never been to Italy before this trip...and he did hurry off yesterday morning for a flight to Germany....coincidence? I don't think so.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007


Last night I went to my first CAbi party. I called it a Tupperware party of the next millennium. Ya see...the gals all get together, single moms, moms, professional women, retired, kids of those mom's (you get the picture) and they gawk over clothing that is all well made and well styled. Instead of buying things for the home (aka Tupperware Party) that will make "HIM" buy a BUTT LOAD of clothes that make "YOU" happy.

Another interesting dynamic (and brilliance of the clothing maker/marketer) is that we all see our skinny and fat friends (okay no one was fat at this party) try on stuff and it all looks good because a lot of wine flowed and your friends can talk you into anything! Not to mention the size deflation (could fit into the 2's). Needless to say I filled out EVERY line of the purchase order....THEN had to stop. It all arrives in a week....and I'll look stellar (I hope).

Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Classroom Next Year (CAT 3)

Do you remember what it was like to start school after summer? I do; The butterflies of the new year, next grade level; will I survive/make it, will I excel? I most remember going from Elementary School to Middle, then Middle to High, then High to College....oh yeah then there was Grad School, (which took all the other experiences and put them on EPO).

In a parallel story.... I got notice from USA Cycling this week that next year I'll be racing with the big girls (you know the fast ones). I'm officially a CAT 3 racer. The notice brought excitement...then in about 10 seconds (or less) fear that I wouldn't be able to keep up/excel/compete/etc. Yeah, some of my fellow racers are moving to the next grade with me...but there are all those women who have raced those distances at a much faster pace for several years. This whole entire thought process brought me back to the transitions we faced each fall of our growing years. I can remember that I always got a new set of clothes to make me feel more powerful in the situation (you know all that back to school shopping). I really think the entire thrust of retailing in the fall is just therapy or positive pyschology for kids feeling a little less powerful in the next year of school (in the face of change). Maybe this year's racing season I'll splurge for the full skin suit...then I'll feel REALLY fast! Come to think of it....I could use some new clothes now.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not Me!

See, it wasn't me that missed that sprint! It was only Kris! Ha, Ha, Ha...

State Hill Climb TT

So it wasn't what I wanted to happen. The plan was to get 1st and have Eden fall somewhere below 9th so I could win the BARR (State Title). Well, that was a HUGE long shot, because Eden was riding really strong the last few races AND it wasn't likely that even 7 WSBA licenced racers would show. Sure enough, it was game over before the race started. I vowed to at least take the TT.

Having been sick for 4 solid days since the TTT and feeling better Friday afternoon, I arrived bright and early this morning at the Base of Crystal Mountain turn off and highway 410 for the annual 6 mile climb up to Crystal Mountain Ski Area (oh yeah baby). I did a practice run and it was no Mount Lemmon (as that Arizona mountain is tougher, steeper, longer, higher). IF I could just keep a HARD pace to mile 3 and could spin a strong gear to the finish, I'd do well. Good intentions...but I saw Eden (who was racing just ahead of me) start 30 second before me gradually slip away. Argh........I dug deeper. Glancing up after that 30 second HARD effort....she was even further away. My chest heavy, my breath legs??? Heck, they felt good. Passing one woman, then wasn't enough as my lungs didn't have enough for the day. I was 4th with a pretty weak time of 34 minutes. Next Year!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Classic Photo

Okay, found this shot on Amara's website and I had to purchase it. My friend Kris and I did all the work on this Carnation Road Race and this image at the sprint finish says it all...yup, that is Kris and me looking at each other, that was a fun race, how come we didn't catch that train to the finish. Beth says I should use it to post in front of my trainer for next year. Hilarious (be sure to click on the image and get the full detail).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Here is the fast bunch....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nothing But GOLD!

6 minutes off of last year's time. 4.5 minutes to our nearest category competitor AND 3 minutes off from the TOP women's team. Yes, we rocked; yes we didn't leave ANYTHING on the course; yes, we brought home the GOLD in this year's State Championship TTT. YES!!!! Cindi, Suzie, Kris and I all road together like we trained all season. It was a great ride....that will carry us into the next season. Thank you Team Starbucks for the ice down on Saturday; it saved my legs.

Washington Velo Series #3

I rode this race for two reasons; to try and secure my upgrade points (unsuccessful) and secondly to get a win for a fellow bike mate against the evil villain (successful). This was a flat, flat, flat course...and I hate those! I like to get those hills so the less than fit (and carrying a little extra weight) gals can't stay with you. I tried to get away twice and no dice. Today I race the TTT for the GOLD baby. We are winning it as we have trained in sloppy wet conditions and it looks like we might just have a wet one today. Its ours!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting Ready for Italia

Every year for the past 7 years (except 1) I've gone to cycle Europe. First it was Sicily and Almafi Coast, then Tuscany and the Lakes Region, Then the Alps, Burgundy and the Beaujolais and last year was the Pyrenees with a little Provence. This year? We conquer the Dolomites and the hills around Verona. Ah yes....back to Italy. We will be riding amid the grapes of the Prosecco wine region and Amarone. I will be providing daily blog entries on my sister site located here. The trip is from September 13 through October 1st. Stay tuned.

Swear Jar

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nooksack Racing

Bellingham is a great town; they do however, have a hard time getting organized to do a race. I arrived EARLY saturday morning to do the State Omnium hosted by the little village of Fairhaven just south of Bellingham. I didn't do my homework to know the TT I headed out, thinking wow, I'm usually hitting 20-25 of the flats and my speed is declining. Didn't I warm up? Is there a headwind? Wait, this is a deceptive hill. Crap! As I was 3/4 of the way up this hill, I remembered the profile and I should have spent my wad as the remaining 4 miles of the race was ALL downhill, fast and nearly out of gear. I left too much on the 8th! Crap, I should have been top 3.

Disappointed in myself I was about to call it a race (even after paying $60 bucks)...but a team mate called me and encouraged me to race the crit. I did. Boy did I! Without team mates I wanted to command the race. I worked hard, not smart. I lead the laps for 60% of the race as the climbs were too slow the the descents on this technical 0.7 mile course were too sweet to brake and the gals in front tapped the rubber too much for my liking. So I led. With two laps to go....the official yelled "Preem" and I thought...heck, I'm not going to win the race, I'll win a Preem. Blowing my wad, I lost the Preem by a half a wheel and could barely hang on for the last two laps. Finishing 5th or so...Sile yelled at me after the race in her Irish accent...."do you really need $10 on that Preem? I'll give ya $10 dollars!" I was happy to have finished in the elite group of racers upright on my bike. yes!

Day two, stage 3. A twenty five mile road race in Nooksack with two walls in the middle of it. Yes, the first lap with a double Madrona Hill and the second (larger) lap with a Holmes Point or double Simons road (8%) for over a mile. Ouch. It scared many. It scared me. When we hit the first hill, I found that the gals in front of me had a pace that was too slow and uncomfortable so I weaved my way between them...started dancing on the pedals and found that I was a bike length a head. Could I keep it up? Yeah...but it started to hurt...but it also felt good, because I was ahead. Then I realized just 6 miles into the race...I needed someone with at the top I paused for a select group of 8 that would narrow to 6 (from 20 racers) that would drive to the finish. I was going to lead out Sara, who was higher in the GC...but the finish was confusing and I missed that is was a drop in finish from 200 meters - 4th place.

So....I got on the road happy. Happy that I was strong, worked the hardest out there and felt good that I could easily win a race I rode with greater smarts. That's to come. This weekend I go for my final 3 upgrade points in Carnation and on Sunday its the TTT in Elma. YES!!!! News to follow!

Cloak & Dagger Dining

There is an underground dining experience in Seattle; call it a food rave. The primo of these is Gypsy where you MUST apply and be accepted as a foodie before you can be invited (I was invited based on my essay from a dining experience in France). The more frequent and less restrictive is Vagabond. Last night was a secret dining experience at Portalis hosted by Vagabond; theme Moroccan. Chelsey, Theo, Jae, Tom and me wined and dined. We shared a table with other foodies. I realized that foodies come in two forms; those who think they are foodies and rather pompous about it and those who are foodies and are purely into the gastronomic experiences of smell and taste and the communal sharing of that experience with friends. We had both at our table. Verdict? We'd do it again! Gypsy here we come!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In all fairness

Another few pictures with warmth from the chair on route to the glacier hike a top Whistler...awwwww.
And, my wacky way of hiking...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Whist Ler

Love Whistler. Came up here to play with my friend Chelsey and Jae. I basically would get about 2.5 hours of trail riding in on the buff and rocky trails...then met up with C + J for hiking, walking, people watching and whatever else. We cruised up to the glaciers today and walked around. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

La La Ohhhhhhmmmmmmm

Just landed LA last night to some pretty roasty weather. I'm here for 4 days of yoga and meditation. Kinda cool, as I like to just quite the mind a tad...every now and again. Oh yeah, we do lots of breath work here too. Catch ya when I'm all chilled out. BTW, hats off to Rabobank for dumping Chicken with his evasive tactics; its time we clean up the sport. I'm rooting for Cadel, a quiet guy that has no team because Lotto is completely built for Wanker Robbie. Cadel is a fighter and deserves to win....cause Conty is far from being clean. Okay...enough on that silly topic. Ohm.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

T Tree?

I'm in BIG TIME training mode. My focus right now is the Crystal Mountain Hill climb TT. I decided two days ago that I'm carrying about 4-5 lbs of inefficient weight mass (okay fat), so I'm on a mission to lean down before my race in mid August. My plan? Well...what worked for me before is just eating minimally and when hungry so the body doesn't go into starvation mode (which slows metabolism and begins to eat muscle - BAD!). So I begin my day with a piece of bread and two poached eggs drizzled with raw olive oil (yummy). I'll eat a piece of fruit when blood sugar drops (usually around 10 or 11am and again at 4pm). Lunch has been coconut oil on sprouted bread with a half an avocado (wow those calories last me until 3-4pm). I've been downing coconut water at 4pm which takes me to 6 or 7pm...THEN...dinner is one of my funky yummy salads with sprouted legumes and grains (nuts and twigs too). On Day two we don't expect lb loss, but my body fat was down 0.5% and by my calculation to reach the goal it should be a total loss of about 2.5%. the way did you know that the name 'Avocado' comes from the Aztec name meaning 'testicle tree'? I wonder where they got that impression...

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Drug

Ahhhhhhstana BMC. This is a goregeemous piece of swiss engineering. With Full SRAM Force (love it) and the plush (yet no force lost) Topolino kevlar rides itself. Yes, its a drug and I'm an addict. hmmmmmmmm.

Cat Crack House

So I returned from a nice ride with Beth this Saturday and feeling pretty good (and trashed)..I noticed Chirper (the name I gave the neighbors cat because it meows like a bird) hanging around the front porch. He was askin' if Jett (Mel and Mikey's cat on an extended vacation at my house in Seattle) could come out in play. So as I wandered in looking for Jett, I saw the cat nip. Ah....yeah, you guys need to feel some endorphines (I thought). So I grabbed a few pinches and rubbed it under Chirpers nose. OMG...he went crazy (no big surprise). Next thing you know....(I kid you not)...three other cats came from the hood came cruising by....sayin' ('s the Crack House...let's get a hit). Here are some pictures of the kitty highs.
Here is Jett in his FULL EAGLE pose after a big hit (notice those spread legs).

Here is chirper with the rollies. You can't get near him because he has no bite etiquette for approximately 5 minutes post a big sniff.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mission Probable

So, I'm on a mission to climb all the significant climbs within a couple hours drive of Seattle. So far I've conquered:

Washington Pass
Rainy Pass
Hurricane Ridge
Snoqualmie Pass

What's next:
Mount Baker
Mount Rainer: Sunrise/Chinook Pass
Blewett Pass

Hmmmm what to do this weekend? Baker anyone?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today was an amazing day. I picked up PJ around 6am, darted to the Edmunds ferry dock and ran into Suze & Dave, Cindi and Cori in line. Bleary eyed we chatted a bit on the ferry then made the Trek to Port Angeles under sunny skies and a beginning temperature of 60 or so. The wind was brisk but as soon as we started the climb we ALL warmed up. Hurricane Ridge is a magical climb. Once you summit the 19 mile climb (from town) nearly 5500 feet of come upon a setting that looks like the French Alps. WOW. It was amazing. The ride down was fast for me as my Il Falco flight always seems to out pace the heaviest of daredevils to catch me. PJ nearly had me at the end, but couldn't keep his neck in the contorted position for more than a minute to maintain the super aero position. I held the position for more than 20 minutes. Love the race down...its scary, hairy, and fun.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Greenlake to the Falls!

It was a perfect 4th of July. I rode from Greenlake to Snoqualmie Falls (and back) starting at 7am. I arrived back home around 2pm (after a little stop at Starbucks for some carbos). Kris and I had an amazing time and we missed biking together (she just finished Ironman). It was over a 100 mile day as we chose to come back over Issaquah (oh and 6K feet of climbing). Once home, I fueled up (desiring a nap) showered, got on my bike (my Country Road Bob, single speed silly bike) as Colin and I headed down to Lake Union to hang out on a Seattle house boat with Rick Miner and his two floating homes located just across from Gasworks park. The fireworks were spectacular...the people amazing...and the grilled white salmon to die for! I think this is the way the patriots would have wanted us to celebrate our independence from tyranny.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hurricane Ridge Ride!

This weekend (Saturday) the climbing ride of choice is one of my favorites. Hurricane Ridge. The ride to Hurricane Ridge takes you 5200 feet above sea level in 16 miles from the park headquarters. It is one of Washington's toughest climb with switchbacks reminiscent of the French Alps. If we do the warm up ride from Sequim the round trip ride is about 65-70 miles rounnd trip. Here is the route:

Come along!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Island Touring

The Seattle area is pretty amazing for riding. The best part is that our summer has started so early (as opposed to it commencing after the 4th of July). So for the second day of my awesome weekend, under upper 70's weather, sunny, etc...I went for a ride. Shocker, I know. So I grabbed a couple of friends for a late afternoon ride on Vashon Island. This island is a 20 minute ferry ride from Seattle and another world away. There is a gnarly little climb from the ferry dock, and a spin through town...then you bike about 30 (or so) miles around this little island that is filled with amazing little coastal shots and views to Seattle and Tacoma, then inland riding full of little farms and forests. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Farm stands everywhere...
View of Maury Island
The day's ride was about 38 miles, 2700 feet of climbing and lots of little picture moments including a blooming lavender field that we could smell for days. I want to thank Beth for dropping the tool inside Cindi's frame adding the extra weight so I could finally hang with her on the big climb coming up from the east side of Vashon.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

American Switz

If you've never been on highway 20, GO! The north cascades highway is a pure taste of Switzerland in America. Yesterday's bike ride was an epic + ride. The craggy rocks and glaciers of the north cascades ascend into the rich blue sky as the road winds through deep crevasses filled with evergreens, granite and ice with water falling everywhere. Now if you can take all that in for 6 hours from the seat of a bicycle, for have pure heaven. Now that those 100 miles and 9500 feet of gain weren't enough in a weekend...I think its time for a little spin around Vashon Island.
A friend of mine on the ride had his heart rate monitor on for the climb. We stuck together much of the ride. Here are the visuals of the climb and effort recorded. Pretty cool, eh? The first is east bound (toward Mazama)
This is the west bound data image (back to Diablo lake):

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Saturday's Ride

Out and back! Look at that climbing!
Diablo Lake to Mazama

This is saturday's route. Its nearly 100 miles on the dot from Diablo Lake to Mazama and back on the North Cascade Highway (SR-20) over Washington Pass. Bikely says this route has 5,500 feet of climbing to Mazama and about 4,500 feet of climbing back to Diablo call it an even 100 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing. Oh I can feel the endorpines now!

Let me know if you want to come!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Ever see the movie "Breaking Away?" Its where the Cutters (or the kids of the stone cutting/school dropout parents) in a small Indiana town go up against the "Preps" in a track race where a bike is shared between 4 (differently sized people). Well....Seattle has its own 100, called the Marymoor 100. Mostly local bike race teams dress up in costume for a race around the track. This year Byrne put together two teams; girls from Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Academy AND its flying nuns. The images are below....

We did manage to get 3rd place (our costumes limited our competitiveness) HOWEVER, we got 1st for the best costume. I think men mostly voted.

Here are the gals of OLPM academy. We were a bit naughty with hiked up skirts, overly endowed chests, hickies and low cut tops. Nice.

Okay...I had these overly/exaggerated vest (purchased from the intranet). Oddly, I got so much attention. Guys could not keep their eyes off me. It did make cycling a little challenging and now I know why us cyclists (successful ones that is) are not built in such a way. Notice the Hickie on the neck (which I forgot to wash off before dinner!).

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2nd National Park in 3 weeks!

So my job is pretty cool. In a two week time span I've been to two of probably the most amazing national parks in the system. First Yosemite and today...Glacier National Park. Wow, the last time I was here I was 12 years old. I feld like a kid again with these big craggy mountains. Gotta love a job that takes you to the places you love...well, I created it.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


The ecological conversation and language is expanding/growing. Its a good thing. Odd, as I sit back there are project surfacing with ideas I had developing. That's also a good thing. I just read an article about Las Vegas' new cultural attraction; its a museum of sorts. "The Preserve" as it is called is located a few miles off the strip and took nearly a decade to build. I just looked at its website; amazing. The Preserve explores in two main galleries a) living the the desert, and b) living ecologically. Just maybe after all the building of simulacra on a barren landscape, Las Vegas has finally built something real. Let's hope so.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yo Sem Mighty!

What a day at the office, walking around a site (in the national park of Yosemite) for about 5 hours, taking a stroll on the valley floor staring at the amazing waterfall tumbling 3,000 feet from the heavens, gazing up at the giant granite half dome at sunset, THEN dining at the Awahanee Hotel. Gotta love my job, eh?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crits are Crazy

Nearly 50 women line up for Stage 2 of the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race; the criterium in downtown Enumclaw, which was held just 4 hours after we went all out for the TT was my first ever crit and thank God it was dry. I knew I needed some eraser experiences for the crash I had in Sequim just 9 weeks ago. I decided to jump out in front and narrow the field. In just two pedal strokes, I was in front charging the group and thinning it to about 15 racers. Then on lap 3, my team mate Chris went down and it spooked me. She joined the race on the next lap with huge rips in her beautiful skin suit. She managed to finish at 6th, me at 8th. I was I was second in GC and she was 3rd. Here is a GREAT shot of me running the front during the Crit.

Back in The Saddle

Saturday morning I woke feeling fast. I told Chris..."I'm so frickin' fast today, I'm going to win." And win I did. With over 30 entrants in the race, I rocketed my TT bike over the 6.5 mile race in 16 minutes. its not Dave Z, but it was enough to put me in 1st place and hold the Golden Jersey before the Crit that evening. Here is an awesome shot of me in pain during the last 1000M in the race. Thanks Colin!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Funny thing...
I've been posting random muses on my dead blog post and just realized it. Oh is my post from two days ago. I'll try to be more careful.

The body's healing process has been something of a wonder and pure amazement. The mind dabbles in a space that grows accustomed to pain and immobility or various restriction; it wonders if it will experience freedom again or what it once had. Then each passing day unravels change and grand leaps of improvements. Joy and pleasure filled me as I am astounded at the "new" things I do. Its odd that we need such rainy days to love the sun even more. I now respect having a collar bone, being able to embrace others, lift things above my head, etc.

This morning I felt the open sky emerging at precisely 4:30am, no cloud to obstruct the pink hues emerging from the horizon. Wanting to feel those warm tones and the stillness of the morning, I mounted my bike at 5:20am and rode for 3 glorious hours starring at Mount Rainer and the stillness of lake Washington. So...YES, time to fact we should celebrate each day. Still feeling those endorphines from this morning (can you tell?).

Monday, April 23, 2007


Today I played hookie for a GRAND spin on the bike. Oh yes, it was 3.5 hours of bliss in the fine Seattle spring sunshine with bike shorts and a thin long sleeve (yes it was nearly 70 out there). As I made my way back to Greenlake, I caught the glimpses of an elderly couple looking at me as I stopped at the stoplight. With his window open and his wife in the passenger seat gleaming with utter innocence...he smiles and he says, "how much do you weight." I thought, wow...isn't that considered a taboo question even for their generation. Not caring at all...

I responded "145."
He said, "my wife swore you were 105, but then I said you've got to be over 6 foot."
"nah" I said, "I'm 5-10."
"okay...still tall, and beautiful." he says.
"you look fantastic" as a smile came from he and his wife.
"Thank you." I said. "enjoy the beautiful day."

Affirmations of self concepts are a wonderful thing. We need to offer this honesty whenever we see it. Yet I do believe we attract these very things if we believe it ourselves. Its about manifesting our own destiny. We create our realities. If we believe we are beautiful (inside and out) we are beautiful! What do you believe?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SeaOtter Mingles

I just returned from Northern California and watching the classic bike races of Sea Otter down near Monterey. It was rather unique as I brought two non bike racing spectators to the spectacle. Because Sea Otter has intense road cycling events combined with gravity clownhillin' or a mix of mountain bikers and roadies, it was an odd mix to witness (never do you really see them both in the same venue).

I tried to communicate this to Mikey and Mel. "ya see..." I said, "It's like having a nascar race loop around the masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia...really the two never, rarely ever mingle at the same event." Don't you agree?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Drop of a Hat

I landed in SF yesterday. I love this city; its food, its energy, the plethora of whippy-cool single speeds cruisin the blacktop. I passed about a dozen panhandlers. I noticed the intense creativity of these people compared to my fair city. For example, the sign of one gentleman with a dropped hat was simply "conducting an experiment on human generosity, please give." I also noticed that there was less aggression in the approach. Then I searched my embedded intelligence for why such creative marketing tactics exists within San Francisco. I looked to basic economics and the concept of supply and demand.

There is an over supply of panhandlers in SF; weather is nice year round and city officials are tolerant to their presence. Further it costs a but-load of cash to live in SF, so it throws more people on the street who are at a different psychographic level. With an increase in panhandler supply (and maybe even better educated supply) and no corresponding change in demand (people desiring to give) requires unique marketing and positioning tactics.

The population in San Francisco is well educated and very sophisticated. Although Seattle can boast it is smarter than SF, clearly SF is up a few notches on the sophistication scale. Just looking at the single speeds here affirmed it for me. So with a sophisticated pop, ONLY new and rather avant-garde marketing tactics are effective. Therefore, tactics that shout at or confront the consumer don't work. Only those tactics that allow the consumers to speak about your product (or unique positioning) are MOST effective.

I told several people about this gentleman and his sign. Heck I'm blogging about it right here. Clearly the most effective marketing is the one people do for you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Addicted: Webster's defines it as...The compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly : persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful. Bikes, are not a substance...but there are definite physiological symptoms in withdrawal AND persistent and compulsive use is (and has been) harmful. Yeah so, I got my next fix. But wait, I sold two bikes to get it. least I didn't pawn them. As Shakespeare once said (maybe a few times) "Me doth think you (replace with me) protest too much!" Oh here she is....arrrrrr.

Details of my El Ciclon are found HERE (mine is in school bus yellow).

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Madonna Del Ghisallo

Some of you may know Ghisallo as Litespeed's top Ti bike. Others, who are more world travelled realize that the Ghisallo is a beautiful little church atop a tough hill on the north side of Lake Como, Italy; and for bike geeks - the church is filled with cool cycling memorabilia. Further still, Madonna Del Ghisallo (pictured hear with some adorning eye protection), the patron saint of travelers, which has become the patroness of cyclist (how cool is that) can bless us on whatever road we travel. I visited my orthopedic doc, who also happens to be one of the top shoulder docs in Seattle for my 4th WEEK check in (bones usually take 6-8 weeks). Yes folks, the patroness of cycling has blessed my little bones, caused them to heal quickly (plus all that good eating I do) such that Dr. Peterson declared me "fused" and ready for racing. WHAT???? I'm physically ready to race, but my mind needs a little work. Oh, Ghisallo????

Friday, April 06, 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring and Beyond

I can hear the birds. After the daffodils, tulips, I wait for the next show of flowers to come from my yard. I dream of this years cycling vacations. Mountain biking in St. Anne Quebec this June? Cycling the Dolomites in September? Mountain biking Norway early fall? Pedaling through Spain in November. Yeah...maybe all of it. Game on!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Trainer Time

The last few days I've been glued to my trainer for 1.5 hour sessions at a time. I've been catching up on my Series 24 TV show (I'm a year behind) - peddling why Jack Bauer is knocking off terrorist. I basically clear out 2 episodes a day while I gradually increase my tolerance for intensity. As for my healing...I'm amazing that every day I'm 100% better than the day before. Breaking bones sucks, but it does cause one to pause and take notice of the things around. Oddly, when I was laying on the chip seal road in Sequim exactly 3 weeks ago today...the first two thoughts that came to mind as I tried to fill my empty lungs with air:

1). Why the HELL am I doing this crazy sport; THEN
2). This was suppose to happen to me, and I'm going to learn something amazing that I would not have received suck it up.

As to #1, I recently read in Velonews interview by a bike racer who went down hard in the Tour de California breaking his collar bone. He said, "if I actually thought about how dangerous this sport is...I would not be able to race bikes at the level I do." As for #2, I've gained some amazing new friends and developed deeper relationships with those closest to me. I've relied on friends and loved ones more than I would have ever permitted otherwise.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Drug Curious

Have you been injured or had surgery such that you are required to consume something for pain? Well, my past surgeries and injuries didn't have me needing pain meds until my bike crash two weekends ago. Those of you that have been prescribed pain you notice that EVERYONE asks you what you are taking? Is this because I've suddenly become part of their club I'm racing to avoid (at my own pain threshold), OR is it because they want what is leftover and deciding if they will ask? Next time you are required to take pain meds...just watch how many people are drug curious around you. BTW, I'm completely off my Codene/Tylenol and the remaining three tablets will become part of my first aid kit.

Friday, March 23, 2007

This Weekend

So I've been using my magnetic therapy 30 minutes daily, and I can tell I'm healing fast (should allow me to heal in 4 weeks!). Had to get on the trainer I LOVE the endorphin drug much better than Codeine. While I was spinning, I SO wanted to go hard...then my Ribs reminded me of their damage and I suddenly found the limits of my breathing. Ok...I'll go slow, for a little while. My friend Davy asked what I was doing this weekend, and chuckled about "pickin' scabs." Well...I don't need to do it...because the are falling off all over the place. Oh, and I just received my new FSA compact carbon handelbars to replace those I destroyed in Sequim. YES!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pain Tolerance

I've been living with some wicked pain over the last 10 days. Pain is an interesting thing in the body. The pain I've experienced is nearly the worst I've encountered in my life (physically of course), yet I'm not sure I can say so. Because we can't recall pain, we only recall our experience in it. I also know that distraction helps me avoid feeling pain; like pushing through pain during a race. There is also pain of loss right now in that I'm extremely limited on what I can do...yet finding new things I can do (or didn't do previously) is a great distraction to my pain. Needless to say...when I lay myself down at night, there are no distraction to my shoulder, bruised/fractured ribs and cranky collar bone; thus I make blog entry at 6am. Good Morning.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Today I visited Doctor Peterson at the Sports Medical Clinic for my second appointment to address the battle wounds of Sequim racing and my sudden flight over my Cervelo. We took two more x-rays to see my healing progress. WOW! My collar bone is completely aligned and starting its fusing. GOOD GRIEF is still hurts like a chicken bone is sharply poking out of my neck. I guess I shouldn't give up the pain killers just yet. Loved this cartoon....

Accelerated Bone Healing

So I'm going to my orthopedic doc today for some new pictures. We are also investigating if I'm a candidate for ultrasonic therapy that accelerates bone healing. Its pretty interesting and is said to advance healing by 20%. Typically these are fungible by insurance companies if the fracture is compound (open), not healing, or in a difficult location for stabilization (this is where we hope I qualify). You can check out the technology here. Also, I received my new bike (single speed) this week; although too drugged to appreciate it, I post it here as further enticement to faster/accelerated healing.

Today I also turned another corner as I can now move my left arm away from my body without pain. It will be some time before it can move up (to touch the sky). This means I can type with two hands!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Fracture Before & After

This is a collarbone BEFORE an impact....meaning its NORMAL
This is the xray of MY collarbone AFTER being tossed from my bike. OUCH...its a little wacked out and probably poked a few things around it. No wonder my entire chest is black, blue and a little green now.

I think I need to go lay down again....pain again....
Oh...I found a fascinating account of the accident from another woman on the Starbuck team. You can read it here.

Push or Pedal

Wow, pain is a workout!
I can be vertical for a couple hours at a time...before I need to "reset" my bone from the pain and discomfort.

I know this is odd, but I believe everything is as it should happen. Yeah, breaking my clavicle is no fun. Yeah...I was racing. Yeah, I put myself at risk...but we put ourselves at risk everyday getting out of bed. And, loss happens in life. BUT, in loss we learn to appreciate so much; like how wonderful it is to have two hands. How wonderful it is to have an ability to ride HARD on a bike. Most of all....when we can't care for ourselves, how much other people care about us. I am floored at how much effort people have made to express care, concern and love. I count the ways....

1) A business associate sends me a personalized watercolor painted dove - "get well."
2) Two teammates and France travel mates send me an itunes gift certificate knowing I will need some tunes for staying fit on the trainer while I heal (so cool);
3) A dear friend sends me a $300 gift certificate for an organics/home delivery meals company (wow, that was thoughtful);
4) team mates that I am getting to know send me humor cards (via snail mail);
5) friends come over a wash my dishes;
6) a friend comes in from out of town to care for me one day;

So...I think my biggest lesson I have learned (again) this past that I have AMAZING friends that can push my bike when I can't pedal. It made me think of this cartoon:

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Body Balance

My recent crash and fractured left clavicle had me thinking. Why do I always roll such that I land on my left side instinctively? I began to scan articles & photos of Velonews and pro-cycling to notice the way cyclists crash or position their bodies when they sense impact is eminent. I recall that all major falls have me taking it in the shoulder or upper ribs. I've bruised my shoulder, fractured ribs mountain biking, bruised ribs skiing, and yes fractured my collar bone jumping off a bmx ramp...EVERY TIME on the LEFT side. I told my very intuitive and special doctor friend from Canyon Ranch. She said, "Well, Lisa...that is your feminine side. What that side represents in our emotion, intuition, feeling versus logic and intellect of the right side." We noodled on it a little further and talked about the use of our shoulders and clavicle in life as a place we carry weight and lift items above our heads. Hmmmm. I suspect there is some lessons here to either I consciously feel that my left (feminine) side can take it, or I'm willing to beat that side up first (read more about body balance here). This is likely a unique growing edge, yeah...a growing edge.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So it was called Tour de Dung in Sequim, WA (the sunny capital of Washington's west side). Wow, it will last in infamy. There is something odd that happens as every cyclist will attest, its called cyclist amnesia. It starts by me saying (at time of crash and during my inability to breath) - boy that was dumb, why am I doing this crazy sport...THEN when we are driving home from the hospital, reliving the "wow, I should be able to get on my trainer in 7 days and race again in 6-8 weeks. "'s sick. And like a true biker I will describe the damage to my bike FIRST...then the damage to me SECOND:

Here are some images of my helmet (kids pay attention here).
I clearly smacked this down hard and don't remember any hang time during my crash; Just the smack into the woman fallen before me, then SMACK hard on the pavement (catapult).
This was the Giro Atomos Helmet in Rabobank (or Byrne) colors and it performed as it should have, BRILLIANT. I'm buying another one (as this one is toast).

My bike...well. The Cervelo P3 survived. The FSA bars are toast and the Dura Ace Hoods look like some teenager took a 22 rifle and shot a round into them. My wheels will need to go back to Topolino for truing and, yes, well...some new ceramic bearings (can't help myself).

Lots of road rash...including this section on my upper thigh and entire leg. Bruises that are everywhere and are just beginning to develop...some rather unique and deep colors.
My leg actually had some deep ones mostly at the knee.
My left hand mostly unscathed with a few chunks taken by the road
My left thumb was not too fortunate. The road or my bike grab a slice of skin off (I'm saving my audience here). I also have some infection starting doc put me on antibiotics. Yeah.

This is the top of my left pelvis (hip) as I clearly landed on my 1) head, 2) shoulder and 3) hip, then rolling for all the extra juicy road rash. Looking at my clothing...I clearly benefited from the three layers of tops (undershirt, jersey and breezewall vest). The vest is destroyed, jersey slightly and undershirt barely.

My shoulder and its collar bone are where my pain resides. My scapula and upper ribs are bruised (can you say its fun to breath). Here you see my neck and the bruise exposed at the surface (had to keep this rated G). Well...I'm off to heal.