Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007


Last night I went to my first CAbi party. I called it a Tupperware party of the next millennium. Ya see...the gals all get together, single moms, moms, professional women, retired, kids of those mom's (you get the picture) and they gawk over clothing that is all well made and well styled. Instead of buying things for the home (aka Tupperware Party) that will make "HIM" buy a BUTT LOAD of clothes that make "YOU" happy.

Another interesting dynamic (and brilliance of the clothing maker/marketer) is that we all see our skinny and fat friends (okay no one was fat at this party) try on stuff and it all looks good because a lot of wine flowed and your friends can talk you into anything! Not to mention the size deflation (could fit into the 2's). Needless to say I filled out EVERY line of the purchase order....THEN had to stop. It all arrives in a week....and I'll look stellar (I hope).

Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Classroom Next Year (CAT 3)

Do you remember what it was like to start school after summer? I do; The butterflies of the new year, next grade level; will I survive/make it, will I excel? I most remember going from Elementary School to Middle, then Middle to High, then High to College....oh yeah then there was Grad School, (which took all the other experiences and put them on EPO).

In a parallel story.... I got notice from USA Cycling this week that next year I'll be racing with the big girls (you know the fast ones). I'm officially a CAT 3 racer. The notice brought excitement...then in about 10 seconds (or less) fear that I wouldn't be able to keep up/excel/compete/etc. Yeah, some of my fellow racers are moving to the next grade with me...but there are all those women who have raced those distances at a much faster pace for several years. This whole entire thought process brought me back to the transitions we faced each fall of our growing years. I can remember that I always got a new set of clothes to make me feel more powerful in the situation (you know all that back to school shopping). I really think the entire thrust of retailing in the fall is just therapy or positive pyschology for kids feeling a little less powerful in the next year of school (in the face of change). Maybe this year's racing season I'll splurge for the full skin suit...then I'll feel REALLY fast! Come to think of it....I could use some new clothes now.