Friday, January 30, 2009

15 watts

Two words - Fifteen Watts!

To non-cyclists that means nothing. To cyclists that could mean an extra 4 weeks of hard training to gain that kind of power at 30 miles an hour. Well... in ONE purchase I got 15 watts. Yup, these are the bad boy time trial bars that cut the wind like a fine Global knife. Just get a load of those inline brake levers. Look out Sile!

Got them in the U.K under aggressive dollar pricing against the Pound. There are some benefits of global economic meltdowns. income may be down for the year, but I can sure buy speed... for a little while.

Vitamin D

I'm on 50K IU of Vitamin D. I take it every 10 days. Its liquid sunshine. I took another dose last night. I'm flying. Love it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


There is a lot of bad news reported these days; 1000 jobs lost here, market another 200 pts down there, 3300 jobs gone here, friends out of work there, friends worrying they will soon be out of work, yet work for those of us is eerily busy. What to think?

THINK about what you are thinking!
THINK how much of what you are thinking is creating your worry, your anxiousness, your fret about what may happen later in the year.

now... FEEL your knowledge in how resourceful you are;
FEEL the comfort of your many friends;
FEEL how fortunate you are, how wealthy you are no mater the 0's in your account.
FEEL how rich are your experiences; knowing that all our experiences make us more profoundly the person we are to become - even those uncomfortable times made you better, caused a new realization, a new you.

This is an AMAZING time my friends.
pay attention. don't let your mind trouble you in places that don't exist...
realize that those who rise above negative thought will conquer this time; be victorious; thrive not just survive.

this is an AMAZING time my mindful souls.
there are many that will grow ill, sick, terminal in thought; thought that is so venomous they will not survive there own pity perilous party.

this is an AMAZING time my conscious friends.
As Tolle said, in the evolutionary process... the reptile who came upon the land manage to take flight and become a bird. The process to become the bird was painfully slow, yet, the moment the "reptile" took flight happened in a split second.

This is an AMAZING time where all our laborious efforts allows us to fly...
And,... it seems very, very close to the coming second.
Got it?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bikin' Cougar

DSCN1863.JPG, originally uploaded by b.p.s..

So Brian snapped this one of me as I was slippin' a text to Chels after shooting down Cougar mountain (whooped me). I was running late for brunch at Portage Bay. Damn those kits look good.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


GrayDay, originally uploaded by lmpicard.

Seattle has been particularly gray. Thankfully my MD friend turned me onto sunshine in a capsule! Vitamin D in 50K iu. Woah! Yeah... I take it every 10 days and its like a jolt in the arm. LOVE it. I took this shot last weekend after a full out 4 hour INDOOR workout day. This is taken right by the 99 bridge in Fremont after I ducked into Speedy Reedy for a little bike repair. Oh... I LOVE SEATTLE.

Monday, January 05, 2009

I light a candle....

San Xavier, originally uploaded by lmpicard.

okay many candles about my return to sloggy, wet, snowy weather. Ok... so it rained all night in Tucson and I woke to wet weather - yet still going out for a ride in it; yet I still think I mourn my departure. Oh, but its a new year, new stuff, new light, new work, new things, new learning. YES!

Friday, January 02, 2009

San Xavier

San Xavier, originally uploaded by lmpicard.

After doing a ton of blood work this morning (a way to usher in the new year), I had a great conversation with a like minded soul on the future development potential arising in our next cycle. THEN, I raced home for yet another ride, food then a photo shoot out at the grand ol' white dove of the desert. The image really speaks worlds of why it is so aptly named. This mission was built by the franciscans to christianize the natives (as they came up from Mexico). The settlement dates back to the late 1600's and this church was completed about mid century 1700's. The naive is unbelievable. The spirit and soul of the walls was deep, profound and I must say good. There was a reverent vibration in the space that caused you (or shall I say me) to be no where but the present.

Outside the church the native tribe was frying up some good ol' "Indian Fry Bread" complete with honey, sugar and other non-nutritive empty calories. I abstained and ate my apple on my drive back. Yeah, yeah... whatever.