Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sitting in Tucson

I'm sitting in my living room, watching the sun rise this Sunday morning; its rays hitting the mountains beyond. Wow, I live in a beautiful place...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

glug, glug

Its nearly midnight. I'm thirsty so I walk to Washington Ave in south beach; knowing that some liquor store will be open and I can get a few bottles of water. Alas, there she is...the busy all night package store. I walk in, score some bottles and wait behind two to pay. The first gal, pays her way...then proceeds to open the bottle of whisky - and I kid you not...guzzle for a good 10 seconds (that's a long time if you count drinking your glass of water). The next guy (before his transaction is complete) opens his "bud ice" and starts to aggressively sip his beer. South Beach; what a vapid, hollow, empty place it can be.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Just Check Out

I was in Miami this morning checking out of my hotel - The Standard in Miami Beach. This is a new hotel by Andre Belaz and its odd; feeling like a place from the 70's. Wait like a bath house in SF pre-aids. Yuck. In fact as I was check out this guy was giving two others suggestions for night clubs. Apparently "crowbar" has "Sex Tuesdays" where during the last Tuesday of the month they lock the doors, turn off the lights and its a "free for all." Good Lord! Well I just landed in New York. Dreadful, but I must head back to Miami tomorrow...but then home on Tuesday.

Monday, January 09, 2006

22 days of rain

It must be bad. In the last 4 days I've received five (5) emails from fellow Pacific Northwesterners looking for sunshine; each begging for a little stay at Coyote Camp - aka Casa Picard in Arid-zone-a. My heart goes out to each and everyone as this winter in Seattle has been very wet (Big Drops!). Thank goodness because I'm blessed to have so many visitors to this land of 360 days of sunshine a year. Gosh, I'm needing a little rain myself right now; Guess I'll head to Seattle on Friday.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Small World

Do you know these two people? Well...Shawna my childhood, next-door neighbor from Downey, California (now living in Spokane, WA) recognized the description and picture of these people on my blog (who actually live in South Orange, NJ). How???

This is Rob and Cory...the mate of my best friend from MIT (yes, Boston, MA). As it turns out, Shawna lives right next door to Rob's cousin in eastern Washington State.

What are the odds? I think it is even more odd that they figured all this out. See the internet and blogging are good for something...right?

Dead Head Prose

If you are not a dead head (Grateful Dead Fan), you probably don't know the name John Barlow. John was one of the song writers for the Dead and now a zealot for freedom on the internet. He IS a fascinating guy. I've had the pleasure of meeting, working out and dining with John. This guy has an amazing perspective on his surroundings and life. John is back for a little R+R at the ranch this week - so enjoy having the opportunity to catch up with him (which is hard to do given he is a modern day nomad). You can read his latest blog writings here.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ebay'ed me a new snapper

I scored a new Minolta off ebay this evening.
Life was going by without it...soon new images!

Mid-Winter Tan, Priceless...

Its January 4th and I just realized its sunny and nearly 80 degrees mid-day. A little ride on the mountain at my back door is good for the soul.

Did I say I LIKE Arizona?
Midwinter Tan, PRICELESS!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Lisa run over by a dog

I know it sound odd, but I nearly broke my nose new year's weekend; bloody nose (both nostrils), bump on nose bridge, black eyes (well they showed up later). How? Hmmm. Well, I was waste deep in the snow while snow shoeing up at the pass, unable to get above the I rolled myself onto the trail (like a graceful gymnast on the floor). Just at that moment, Oscar, my friend Kim's dog, was running up the trail and thought I was playing and rammed me in the head with his head as he was going full speed. So, I sat there on the trail...trying to regain composure. Mark escorted me back to the car and Oscar later dropped off some tulips off at my house as an apology (actually it was Kim on Oscar's behalf). I'm much better now.
Here is Mark, my personal EMT for the incident. Nice picture Mark!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Yes another year! Its going to be good. I've started this fine year with a cup of cocoa. Dogoba organic no less. I spent the last few days of 2005 with GREAT friends. In fact two flew all the way across the country to spend it with me. Mark and I skied the Methow (Rendevouz Pass no less). Helene and I saw the gay cowboy movie. Iris and I ate gluten free pancakes and spoonful of peanut butter. A fine year in deed.