Monday, December 17, 2007


So we are consuming SO much energy creating these fuels based on crops (call it corn, soy, etc.). I'm not convinced this is good. Why?

Think about this....
For the ONE time you fill your tank with Biodiesel...
You could have fed yourself the equivalent quantity of food for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Think about this...
Our government subsidizes oil - probably near a buck a gallon (think of the price difference between here and Canada), BUT the feds place a tariff (tax) on "greener" biofuels coming from brazil sugar cane at 50 cents a gallon, rendering it ineffective.

What's more....
SO many farmers are turning their crops to biofuels creating shortages in food supplies and driving up food pricing.

this economic pressure is forcing other lands to cut down existing established crops to plan cheap, gmo, fast growing crops for biofuel.

The sun is our answer. Follow the sun.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lead or Get Out of the Way!

Have you watched what is happening in Bali? Of course not...because our media doesn't care. Well, read the BBC's pages and you'll see that there is a global environmental UN conference happening...maybe more meaningful than Kyoto because the USA isn't going to get away without doing something. US reps were using some lame excuse about the developing country regs not being tough enough (sure they aren't) and suggested they were not going to sign. Suddenly boos rang out from the delegation when the rep from New Guinea said..."you either lead or get out of the way!" Amen!

I'm not sure if most of you know...BUT, Atlanta Georgia is running out of water. In fact, its now predicted that over 5 millions residents of this southeast region will be OUT OF WATER by FEBRUARY. No kids, I didn't say in 10 years or even 10 months....because most of us put those things out of our mind....I said 60 DAYS! So, how do you fix it? Some have suggested trucking in water. Hmmm. That would be economical? Talk about a carbon foot print that would exacerbate the new weather paradigm we currently feel. Do you recall the exodus from New Orleans? Can you imagine a bigger one? Can you say U-HAUL?

So how did this happen? Well....
Those Southeasterners love those big green lawns; they love their six toilet homes; they love their pools (and they aren't alone). Largely they have built sprawling development without any consideration for resources AND there is no consciousness in the population to do anything different. Further, the local political structure has known of the issues and stuck their head in the sand because they would appear "unpopular." Lead, or get out of the way!

Now what?
Well, just like in California and in Arizona this is going to be a fight for water rights to the rivers flowing south (think Mono Lake and Colorado River). Let's see...what is south of Georgia....hmmmm. FLORIDA!!!! Yes, let's steal the water from Florida, they aren't growing, they don't have water issues (in fact Georgia is now trying to secure more than its 16% share of this water).

My friends...
Water is now worth its weight in gold. So here is my real estate investment strategies for gaining extraordinary value in light of shrinking natural resources.

1. Live in an area with plentiful fresh running water (as close to the source) sorry Arizona.
2. If living in multi-level housing (hi-rise) - long term the ground floors are going to be worth more a) because water pressure can't push to upper levels AND b) the costs to run elevators via electricity will be too expensive thus stairs will become the predominate use (ok - extreme, but think about it);
3. Live in an area that still produces agriculture; access to local food is going to be critical as trucking costs increase and "clean" foods become more difficult to harvest. Have space for your own garden;
4. Make sure you have a bike and know how to ride it well, you'll be using it (and should be using it) more often.

Conclusion: Pacific Northwest is a pretty darn good place to be in light of the issues. We have hydro power, we much water (heck it falls from the sky) and there is good agriculture still produced around us.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Intuition. Do you know what it is, how you (or someone else) use it? Webster's first definition is... "direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension."

I was recently told by an "intuitive," which Webster's has no definition for the nouns sense of this word (intuitive), BUT others define intuitive as someone who specializes in perceiving information concerning the individual energetically....any how this intuitive told me I have an deep feeling intuition that is very evolved. You know what? I totally can feel it!

Did you know that during the Tsunami in 2004 that not a single animal died yet over 45,000 people perished? Animal parks where trees were uprooted drowned by nearly 20 feet of water, animals were later found roaming as if they "knew" or shall I say perceived a reason to go to higher ground. A sixth sense?

During the Oklahoma bombing a mother who lost two children and her mother said that she had a "feeling" over and over again that she should get out of the building, leave, gather her children and head home. She ignored this "feeling."

My friends, pay attention to your feelings or intuition. They are there and they are a message. What is making me write this now??? Well, I "feel" a need to awaken all others to the notion that intuition is the loving voice of God operating in your heart. Listen to it! we evolve and mature spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc...we become self-regulating rather than are we controlled by those forces outside of us (others, work, stress, etc.).

Listen to your inner loving voice!
Mine says I feel strong and fast and light as a feather on my bike! says a few other things too.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another Test

Some of you know...that every 3 months I see my doc. I get a test that would cause most to wince and run (no sprint) the other way. BUT after nearly 4 years (and yes, that would be TWELVE tests), I'm SO STRONG, HEALTHY. I've been using my new intuitive powers (okay call it software) to focus all healing/health/wellness. Basically I sit there visualizing then FEELING healthy, happy, dancing DNA. It works.

To that end, I'm working on a new resort/experience where people can heal their emotional soul through a series of modalities. I think its a little head of its time....but it will be a killer app.

If what I just wrote makes absolutely no sense....bookmark my text then read it in a couple of years.

Monday, December 03, 2007

SF Auto Show

I spent the weekend in SF. It was a cool upper 50's but no where near the snowy early winter weather Seattle had this weekend.

Well, while in SF I attended my first auto show ever. What was fascinating was the way the auto companies are marketing cars and the types of people that were drawn to particular cars. Clearly the auto shows had to promote less cleavage and more brains as the runway model women representing the cars were now covered head to toe in pinstripe suits, cuff links, etc; just tight enough to get the male consumer's interest, but tasteful enough to make a gesture to the female who actually makes 85% (or something close to it) of the financial decisions for the household. Thank GOD.

What's hot this year?
Hmmmm. Nothing.
Every car company was hyping fuel efficiency but had NO product to show for it. In fact VW left its TDI (diesel model) at home. Mercedes had a diesel that held the design left to inspire grandma (including the ruffled leather upholstery). American auto makers? Big, still big, dumb cars. Mini Cooper????....well they are going backwards as they now make a stupid looking extended cab that can work as a great car for a funeral parlor serving diminutive expirees.

Oh well....
The international bike show rocked.
You get the picture.