Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bike Racing Addict

I must say web TV is awesome. Now we can watch the grand California tour with more information that regular TV. The resolution just needs to be a little better. Check out the live racing here!

Monday, February 19, 2007


it has been some time since my last post. apologies; i had the flu, got busy with some work prospects and life. you know the usual. I don't usually get the flu, but i suspect with all my busy-ness, i let my immune system get weak. the flu causes us to take notice how fragile we are (yet again). is it me or...do you also think that if death be the flu, get if over with...fast, put me out? oddly, about a day into the flu, you realize wow, i'm weak, i hate the fact the sun is out and i can't play in it...yet the pain and suffering is somehow just a tad more tolerable. i think we grow accustomed to pain (after making deposits in the pain bank we can make withdrawals). some how each day we feel suffering, it become easier and we are able to confront a bit more in life; then when the pain is gone we seem to have more strength than before. i don't like the flu. it sucks. but somehow it reminded me to live and how much strength i have when i'm well.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Life is Art; Art is Life

Andrea Cochran (andy) is a brilliant landscape architect. Yesterday Mel, Mike and I wandered up from the city (San Francisco) to the demonstration gardens built at the edge of sonoma and napa counties. It was cool how the austere landscape, simple really, attempted to soften the mind and clean the palette before we entered into the spaces created by some of the world's masters at modifying the landscape for us to feel emotion. As soon as I was in Andy's space it struck me; the stark contrast, the oddity of textures. It felt as though I was running on a canvas myself, playing in the space an artist works...comforted that I instantly became part of the art, not an intruder or a mistake. This feeling of belonging is what we developers need to create in our place making; a sense that we are in the canvas, contributing to the art itself.