Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok, I didn't do it. I got busy, really busy. Lots of stuff brewing as I prepare for RAW, work a new deal in fremont and elevate my level of consciousness in new ways. All good. I'm write more meat later... just needed to let my blog readers know I'm alive.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Suffer and Fun

I did a hard ride on my bike tonight. I've been coerced into riding the TTT this weekend with my dear team mates. They said, "oh Lisa, you know how to suffer... you can do this, come on it will be fun!" Oh man suffer is right, it will be suffering... and I don't know how often you put suffer and fun in the same sentence but there it was again. I guess I better get on my time trial bike and get my front female parts ready for the odd positioning that is required for this all out 30 minute effort.

A Workshop Needing Work

Yesterday I paid $100 for an all day session with Dr. Svoboda and Scott Blossom who apparently is going by Doctor these days. I find that those most insecure with their status or profession (namely those with a PhD and not of the medical profession) require that you call them by the prefix Dr.

So I was pretty excited about this session hearing much about these two gentlemen as leaders in their fields. I thought the topic was rather "heady" yet approachable given that it was titled something like mulandara chakra, guru and ganesh - basically about the root or core of the body and our ability to access the prana (energy) deep within via our breath, consciousness and movement.

What unfolded for me was a session where two rather arrogant guys felt they could walk into the room and "wing it," I suspect thinking that the audience would lack the maturity to know better. Wrong. I was very patient for the first half, but became bothered by the second half when it was clear to me there was no script, concept or deliverable AND worse no humility for the experience or needs of the class. I find it acceptable for a teacher to come ready to wing it, but if that is the case... the teacher best be attentive to who is in the audience and what are the needs or how information is or isn't being received.

Blossom seemed to completely miss this and patronized a few queries push to him with the need to show off his body moves (immature really). He also was completely hesitant to engage the group seemingly not able to effectively communicate concepts, as those of us discussing it... feel that he hasn't had enough experience to come into his own understanding. Let's hope this was a fluke or that his effective marketing techniques haven't got to his outer ego because I think he can be an effective vehicle for communicating powerful ideas.

Ok my rant is over...
for now.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Yogic Insights

In a conversation about being able to know and feel love...
My yoga teacher said to me today the following:

when we are living as a source of love in this state
we don't see love,
like we can't see our own face without a mirror,
then when we let someone be our beloved,
their love towards us allows us to experience loves reflection,
the reflection of our own loving nature.

In laymen's terms...
you've got to allow others to love you if you are to see, feel and taste love. Simple yet complex, like anything in life.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Building and Other Things

I've been busy with a home remodel, a transactional closing for one of my clients, travel to SF, learning and growth. All good and all precluding me from musing more muses on my muddled muses blog. So here goes on some things I've been thinking, yet haven't had time to digitally document.

ok here are my musings....

1) brett dennen's music is brilliant. I think he is one of the most passionate, thoughtful and conscious souls writing music today. listen to his tunes carefully. there are hidden messages to those of us who understand the tension daily between the left and right sides of our brain. If you are not yet conscious of how these two hemispheres effect you, watch this video of a brain scientist who actually studied her own brain when she underwent a stroke (okay I have probably 4 recent thoughts in this first item - mea culpa).

2) i have a number of people experiencing loss around me. I think when you get older it certainly is more frequent, yet I've had my share of much of it in life and have come to realize that in loss there is ALWAYS gain; yet you have to be open to it. so, as I have friends who have sick or dying parents, i understand, i sympathize, yet i quickly move to you'll grow from it. I guess its a kin to having lots of money, losing it, living modestly with out it, and having some wealthy soul come and seek sympathy for the loss of wealth when you've been living blissfully without for all of your adult life. Yes, I have sympathy for the loss and the pain involved in the separation and change, yet I move quickly to "but you will find a deeper self and live more purposefully now." I almost get to a place that is "you're better off." Is this insensitive? I'm not sure... But I think its a little insensitive when people want life long sympathy for a dying or deceased grandparent when I didn't know mine and lost my parents at 23; kinda like the rich complaining to the popper about the loss of a twenty dollar bill... but I digress.

3) I'm constructing a new bathroom and master in my humble abode. The process is fascinating as this is my 3 remodel on my cherished little abode. I'm excited for the new space it creates in my house, thinking that it will also modify my process in the morning; how i shower, how i see myself, what i see in myself. i also think its interesting that the process of change in the space has already changed perspectives; like what clothes i wear because i found them recently or because they look differently in the new lighting. more pictures to come.

4) I've been developing a new idea for a project in fremont. i'm pursuing investors and strategies for it. I even taught myself google sketchup and created a youtube model of it below.