Saturday, August 07, 2010

who we really are

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Ok its been some time since I've blogged. I've depended on twitter to get some micro thoughts out there, yet twitter can't hold these thoughts I have now. These thoughts and conversations I'm having with so many of my friends. These conversations are about the loss of fitness as they age or the race win identity they once had. I recently wrote the following in an email to a good friend.

I will say about aging and it's relationship to racing, life, fitness, etc.
is THAT to transition successfully...
we move from a place of doing to a place of being.
we realize that wining and being at the top of our game is really dependent on other people; them being less than we are.

As to BEING....
We just ARE (that is who we are) irrespective of winning or losing.
We aren't dependent on anything to be ourselves (at the core);
We aren't dependent on winning a race to be a thoughtful, caring, giving, beautiful human"being".
WE just ARE and that is beautiful, so beautiful.

We realize that there is a much bigger "win" when we can share ourselves and open ourselves to the possibility of connection.
In that effort of opening we find that everything just IS (as it IS), and this just is the beauty of pure being.

I observe in myself the desire to find living in things or titles, and it is a challenge to shed this notion or form.
I find more and more that the depth of my life rests in nothing specific, but being alive, enthusiastic and sharing this conscious space with those capable of receiving.

AND I try not to let my ego take this positive space and say this is my "winning game" (i.e. my identity) 'cause that's fleeting too. Keep opening your own mindfulness, awareness, consciousness of what truly makes you. We will find that the loss of the "race" identity will allow us to see that this identity was never us in the first place.

Define me not for what I was, or "may" become....
but what I am right now....
the person writing this text and posting it to my blog. that's all.