Saturday, May 27, 2006

every cell...

I biked five hard days this past week. Each day I mounted my bike around 5am, headed out to Mount Lemmon and climbed an average of 3000 feet each day. Because my Topolino wheelset surprisingly broke a spoke...I put on the Zipp 404's and climbed like a mountain goat. I did some visulization techniques of harnessing the energy of each and every cell to power me up the climb. WOW, that did something amazing to me. I smashed my Mile Post 5 record by nearly a minute (even after 3 hard days in the saddle). Cool! Its amazing what our thoughts can do to our bodies (both constructive and destructive) and the power of personal meditation and prayer.

I close with a cool bumper sticker I observed today...

YOU can buy yours here!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Just returned from three solid days of diving in Cozumel. Wow. There is something so healing about diving. You suddenly realize how 3/4 of the planet lives, how small you are, AND how the big things in your life...are really small and you can leave them at the bottom of the wall 100+ feet below. Wow I feel good.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I admit it...
I'm adicted to I am watching this year's most amazing race and probably the best Giro D'Italia ever. I love bike racing and the advancement of media web is awesome.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Cycle France!

I'm going cycling in France again this year. This year, my buddy Bill and I are creating a SAG trip for about 5-6 people. This trip is for 7 days and 6 nights through the Pyrenees and shall include the classic Cols of the Tour de France. You can see some we will do here. If you are interested in going...its an "at cost" trip, and it will likely cost you about $800 excluding airfare. Send me an email if you'd like to go. My last trip is chronicled under TDF blog.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


I'm so tired of feeding the massive oil companies that after record profits this year, seem to continue to complain on their hardships and lobby our government for more exploration. ENOUGH! It's a finite resource - like there are no more dinos to die and leave it! What don't we understand about renewable? Sure, I think ethanol is a great start...and it already scares the oil companies. BUT, I'm currently in the process of seeking to convert a regular diesel engine auto to an SVO vehicle (not biodeisel, because that is not enough). Not familiar with SVO? Well, its stands for Straight Vegetable Oil. The trick is in cold climates keeping the fat viscous (some go two tanks or a heating element). But basically you can pull your car up to any greasy spoon (Chinese buffets are the best because just like your own arteries, the saturated fat isn't good), ask to take their veggie oil (which they usually need to pay to have disposed) and you're off and running (about 50 cents a gallon if you needed to purchase). More on this later...

5 hours of Bliss

My buddy Kirk landed in Seattle yesterday. I was actually tracking the flight on Google earth. Upon arrival in Seattle we (including his brother and law) did a whippin' spin around Lake Washington, Mercer Island and a few other was nearly 5 hours of Bliss! I love riding.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Idle is Ideal?

Life, as a contrast to inert matter, is usually regarded as essentially dynamic or busy, active. But maybe life is not different from inert matter. Perhaps life, just like inert matter, does the minimum - and we could gain a deeper understanding of life if we saw it NOT as trying to busy ourselves, but rather seeking to be idle (or not doing what we MUST). Perhaps human life, human society, technology, ethics, law, and religion have all arisen as an attempt to minimize effort (to do or sustain so we can have more Idle time - "free time"). If so, the imperative of all life, and of human life, would not be to 'Keep Busy' and 'Do Something', but rather to 'Keep Still' and 'Do Nothing'. This is the speculation of Idle Theory that fascinates me.

I've also come to understand that the faster we move about (with less idle time and more doing) the more "busy" fills our day and our perception of time (our lives) becomes incredibly short. Idle time is not sitting still, but rather time where we are doing what we WANT rather than what we MUST (or think we must) to survive.

I'm enjoying my Idle time.
A picture of me in my garden this morning...some Ideal idle time.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Survived!

For all of those who sent your prayers and are wondering...
I am well. Surgery TODAY was a snap, no complications and doc says wait at least 24 hours before I engage in my activity again. I'm not sure he knows MY level of activity. Oh, and no cameras permitted in the OR, believe me I tried.