Thursday, May 04, 2006

Idle is Ideal?

Life, as a contrast to inert matter, is usually regarded as essentially dynamic or busy, active. But maybe life is not different from inert matter. Perhaps life, just like inert matter, does the minimum - and we could gain a deeper understanding of life if we saw it NOT as trying to busy ourselves, but rather seeking to be idle (or not doing what we MUST). Perhaps human life, human society, technology, ethics, law, and religion have all arisen as an attempt to minimize effort (to do or sustain so we can have more Idle time - "free time"). If so, the imperative of all life, and of human life, would not be to 'Keep Busy' and 'Do Something', but rather to 'Keep Still' and 'Do Nothing'. This is the speculation of Idle Theory that fascinates me.

I've also come to understand that the faster we move about (with less idle time and more doing) the more "busy" fills our day and our perception of time (our lives) becomes incredibly short. Idle time is not sitting still, but rather time where we are doing what we WANT rather than what we MUST (or think we must) to survive.

I'm enjoying my Idle time.
A picture of me in my garden this morning...some Ideal idle time.

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