Tuesday, September 08, 2009

meditation excursion

Kalani Yoga, originally uploaded by lmpicard.

I just spent 4 days in silence and meditation. between rounds of meditation i did breath work, yoga, ate and slept a little. it was a fascinating journey. so much gained about this life, form, time and my mind. some key thoughts:

a) i like so many other people identify with form; my body, my place, its health, looks, fitness - yet it is of this earth and will return to this earth; my soul will lift and i felt its weightlessness for the first time; felt formless. woah, cool!

b) nothing will ever change AND everything is always changing; the great paradox - helpful for things you complain about!

c) life is like the sun, our limited capacities and abilities to understand it through our small sensory preceptors is exemplified such that we think it rises in the morning and sets in the evening; truth is the sun does neither, it just is. (okay noodle on that one)

d) love is possible on this earth given form (being human) and duality (the beloved and lover). Its important to experience this now... because unity is coming.

I'm not usually this deep on my blog, but sensations of the divine, of the truth were not to be contained within my form. Over and out.

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